92 Beans Coffee

BACKGROUND: Restaurant Brands teamed up with Mt Atkinson Coffee Roasters and 485 Design to create a new coffee brand that could be exclusively retailed at Carl’s Jr restaurants throughout New Zealand. IDEA: 92 coffee beans are in a perfect shot of coffee — yes, we tested! From the function of grinding then pressing coffee into a filter comes the beauty of a single shot of coffee, inspiring the name and informing the shape of the brand-mark and entire brand identity. SOLUTION: There are circles in every part of the coffee making process. From the filter to the cup — the circular form is integral to every part of the experience. This theme runs through the entire body of work, the logo, colour coded coffee bags (wholesale only), posters and cup lids. Red symbolises heat, black for the beans and white for the creamy milk on top. Functionally the three colours help to identify product variants. Espresso grind, whole beans and decaf. The typography takes its cues from traditional coffee sacks — a subtle link back to the origin of the beans. 92 Beans Coffee identity is simple, bold and clean like the refined art of coffee making.

Credits. 485 Design
Design Director. Nathan Chambers
Designers. Nathan Chambers, James Showler, Danny Carlsen, Angela Burnell

Photography. Luke Harvey
Design Strategy. Debby Giness

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