Produce a unique, limited-edition KFC classic bucket range celebrating
the brands partnership with New Zealand’s Super Rugby tournament.  

Every fan is the team’s cheerleader and part of their clan.
Why not create something with a dual use like a piece of wearable packaging.
A piece of packaging that enabled fans to become cheerleaders of their favourite
Super Rugby franchise. The fan bucket is an interactive piece of packaging.
Fans would bring buckets to events or receive them at the gate. Advertising
regulations in stadiums are very strict. Rules state that no one can advertise
over 1.2m high, the exception (we discovered) is something wearable.

Cutting into the traditional form of the bucket had never been done before.
An innovative die and process was devised by Detpak the manufacturer,
which involved a two stage process of pre-printing the sheets of board prior
to forming the buckets to get the desired finish.

Highly visible in the busy stadium environment, the packaging enabled
maximum brand recognition for KFC, and the rugby franchise.
The ‘bucket hats’ were custom branded for each team, using their unique
colour palette and logos.

Visible at eye level literally where they were unmissable and became
collectable to the fans.

F I N A L I S T   A X I S   2 0 1 8
 Non Traditional Outdoor / Ambient
 Product Design - Non Tech

Nathan Chambers   Design Director
Danny Carlsen  Senior Designer
Jamie Wright  Stadium Photography
Luke Harvey  Studio Photography
Dan Spataru  Senior Retoucher
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