World Masters Games Identity

The World Masters Games is the largest multi-sport event in the world, with more athletes than the Olympics. In 2017, the city of Auckland in New Zealand will be hosting this prestigious event - the pinnacle sporting event for Masters competitors worldwide. Our client wanted us to create a brand mark and system that celebrates a passion for all 28 sports the games represent. It needed to be about more than just winning, but to embrace the joy of taking part – in other words ‘For the Love of Sport’. IDEA The Master Stroke – reflects the age group of the athletes, their sporting prowess and dedication to their craft. A flowing painted logotype and with an athlete at the centre highlighting celebration and the love of sport in an amazing destination. SOLUTION All World Masters Games material needed to showcase: celebration, destination, and sport. Celebration: with the expressive strokes in the logotype (at the core being the painted athlete in mid leap or opening run), typography, colours and illustration. Destination: Imagery of New Zealand, the people, the land and takarangi patterns. Sport: The thread through it all. Bringing many nations together for a fun and challenging event that highlights Auckland as a key destination. A brand system has been developed for all the elements to work seamlessly while still allowing creative expression for every unique piece (not cookie cutter). We also collaborated with Native Council to develop the takarangi pattern woven into all artwork and materials. Colour is a key component of the brand with the use of vibrant tones to easily show a sense of fun and celebration. The core colours are from moments in New Zealand through the day. Blue tones from Auckland’s ocean and sky, green from the land, purple, pink and orange the evening sunsets and gold, silver and bronze for premium materials. Signage and way-finding, tee-shirts, collateral, vehicles, new office interior, street flags, banners, web and mobile, and campaign materials have also been developed for noth local and international audiences to recruit athletes and bring visitors in April next year.

2016 AXIS Awards  |  Interior Design
2017 AXIS Awards  |  Brand 360
Credits: 485 Design
Creative Director. Nathan Chambers
Design Team. Nathan Chambers, Danny Carlsen, Sam Cox, James Showler, Jamie Wright, Casey Ng

Cultural Collaboration. Native Council
Strategy. Debby Giness
Photography. Jamie Wright, Luke Harvey

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